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BONIA Group has a network of over 1,000 sales outlets and 130 standalone boutiques throughout the world including countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Brunei, Oman and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Group continues to develop its global presence by forging strong networks with key partners around the world.

Stock Quotes

BONIA (9288) 5.240 MYR
Change +0.430 (+8.940)
Volume ('00) 6,028
Day's Range 4.840 - 5.340
52 Weeks' Range 1.720 - 5.700
Quotes Updated End Of Day. Updated at 18 Apr 2014

Latest Annual Report

Annual Report 2013

Latest Financial Info

Quarterly Result Ended 31 Dec 2013

Revenue RM 186,327,000
Profit/(loss) before tax RM 31,801,000
Profit/(loss) for the period RM 21,716,000

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